Welcome to Heart of Saigon, the Duxton Hotel Saigon’s new blog. It’s basically a new channel for us to talk about developments at the hotel in a more informal way, to give advice to visitors to Ho Chi Minh City, to talk about the local hotel and tourism scene, and hopefully to facilitate dialogue with our customers.


Traditionally, businesses communicate with their customers via brochures, ads, sales letters, newsletters, and emails. These are all well & good, but they have two drawbacks: they’re formal and ‘rigid’, and they’re one-way. Blogs allow businesses to chat with their customers in a more relaxed, open and less sales-orientated way, and allow those customers to respond, give feedback and even contribute themselves. In the new collaborative economy, web-savvy customers don’t just like the opportunity to converse with businesses, they expect and demand it, and hotels should be no different – we’ve all been quick to use the internet as a distribution channel, but a lot slower to embrace web 2.0 concepts such as social networking or blogging.


So please enjoy our blog and feel free to leave comments, suggestions and even contributions. All are welcome, and as you’ll read in future blog entries, we do listen to and act on customer feedback.